Other Therapies

Hot Stone Massage

This is a wonderfully soothing, relaxing and healing massage using smooth basalt stones which are heated and applied to the body during the massage treatment. 

Hot stone massages can help alleviate stress in all its forms, bringing tranquility into your day to day life. This is because the heat from the stones lulls you into a sense of peacefulness.

The heat from the stones encourages the blood vessels beneath the skin to expand, improve circulation and enabling healthier blood flow. The increased circulation improves the rate at which your body organs receive oxygen, enabling them to function a lot more effectively and keeping them healthier by eliminating strain.

In addition, the heat from the stones can also impart a deep relaxing effect. As your muscles absorb the heat, they act almost as though they have been sedated, promoting a feeling of calmness and tranquillity.


  • Improved Circulation
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Relax Muscles
  • Improved Joint Health
  • Lowers soft tissue strain
  • Alleviate Pain
  • Reduce stress and Anxiety
  • Helps with Insomnia
  • Better Mental Wellbeing

Because the heat of the stones penetrate the muscles quickly you can enjoy the benefits from this massage without the need for any deep tissue or vigorous techniques so the whole experience will allow you to relax completely.

You can experience a Hot Stone Massage from a Full Body Treatment, Back Neck and Shoulder Massage or Hot Stone Reflexology.

Natural Lift Facial Massage



The Natural Lift Massage incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques from both Japanese Face Massage and Indian Face Massage, it is also known as Facial Rejuvenation or Natural Facelift. It also incorporates complementary techniques from Acupressure and Facial Reflexology.


Some of the benefits of this treatment are:


- Improves skin suppleness

- Reduces and releases muscle tension in face and jaw

- Reduces expression lines and wrinkles

- Relieves stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and eyestrain.

- Tones and helps tighten the skin and underlying muscles.

- Promotes circulation and aids the elimination of toxins

This is a seated treatment working on the upper back, neck, shoulders, upper arms, head and face.  The massage is performed through light clothing or directly onto the skin with the use of oils. 

A treatment using oil will provide additional conditioning benefits to the hair and scalp.  Usually coconut oil is applied but olive oil can be used instead if preferred.  It is best to leave the oil in your hair overnight and wash out the following day to gain optimum conditioning from the oil.  Be prepared for your hair being oily after the treatment if using oil, so its not advised before a night out.

Indian Head Massage

A range of different massage pressures and rhythms are used in this treatment which can provide instant relief from tension and stress symptoms and induce a state of calm, peace and tranquillity and also promote high levels of alertness and concentration.

Benefits and Effects

Indian Head Massage provides relief from aches and pains, promotes a healthy scalp and hair, and helps induce relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

Other physical and psychological benefits include:

  • General and specific relaxation of muscles, providing immediate relief.
  • Loosening of the scalp.
  • Relaxation of the whole body.
  • Dispersal of toxins from tense, knotted muscles
  • Improved circulation of blood and increased oxygen uptake.
  • Stimulation and improvement of the circulation of the lymphatic system.
  • Help in the relief of eyestrain and tension headaches.
  • Excellent for disturbed sleep and insomnia
  • Help with mental tiredness and tension.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Relief from mental and emotional stress. 


Thermo-Auricular Therapy

This treatment is an ancient, non-invasive complementary therapy involving the use of  ear candles and is designed to help treat conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat

During this treatment a hollow candle made from flax, honey and powdered herbs is lit and placed gently in to the opening of the ear and is held by the therapist throughout the burning process.

The candle works like a chimney and when lit forms a very gentle suction. The rising air inside the candle sets up a vibration which gently massages the structures in the ear.  The ears, nose, sinuses and throat are all interconnected, so this has the effect of regulating and balancing pressure in the ears as well as the whole of the upper respiratory tract.

The gentle circulation of vapours induces a pleasant feeling of warmth. In addition to the physical benefits, this treatment brings about a deep sense of relaxation. It is combined with a facial massage to help drain the sinuses.

Ear candling benefits

Ear candling is a holistic treatment and is not designed to be a specific cure for any particular ailment. However, there are considered to be a number of healing benefits and regular treatment is thought to stimulate and heal parts of the mind and body that extend beyond the immediate surrounding of the inner ear.

Regular ear candling treatments are thought to provide beneficial relief from the following conditions:


•    Excessive or compacted wax in the     


•    Irritation in ears and sinuses

•    Pressure regulation in cases of :  glue  

       ear / colds / flu

•    Migraine

•    Stimulation of local and reflex energy         flow

•    Energetic revitalisation in cases of               hearing impairment

•    Relaxing and calming effect in cases   

       of stress

•    Noises in the ears, ringing, tinnitus

•    Sinusitus

•    Hayfever and rhinitus

•    Tension headaches

•    Travel sickness

•    Meniere's disease

•    Catarrh, asthma

•    Anxiety and stress

•    Stimulates lymphatic system


Energy Healing Reiki & Crystal Therapy

Reiki is the vital life energy which flows through all living things and can be activated for the purpose of healing.  Everyone has the ability to connect to their own healing energy and the Reiki energy is channelled to the patient via the therapist’s hands, activating the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki can promote healing on all levels; mind, body and spirit.  It can assist in healing mental/emotional problems in a hands on treatment or distantly and can also help to overcome past and future issues. Letting go of emotional and mental pain frees us of any blockages preventing our natural energy flow.

Crystal healing is an energy-based system based on the belief that we are all made up of different energies and that when this becomes stagnant, unbalanced or blocked, it can cause illness. The premise is that crystals help unblock, balance and direct energy where it is most needed, gently supporting the body to heal in a therapeutic way.

Different types of crystals are thought to have different properties and energies. Just holding and being near these crystals is therefore thought to affect our own energies on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

Coming Soon

A combined Crystal Chakra balancing and Reiki healing therapy is currently being developed and will be available soon.

Manicures & Pedicures

Both the physical and mental health benefits of getting a manicure and pedicure are incredible.  Your feet and hands will both look and feel great, your stress will go down, and your circulation will increase.

Skin Care

Your hands are more exposed to daily dirt and weather than any part of your body, except maybe your face.  That means that they accumulate grime easily, as well as constantly create new skin cells..  Your feet are generally only exposed in the spring and summer times, but walking on them all day can create callouses and other uneven skin conditions.

A professional manicure includes a thorough cleaning and lotions designed to exfoliate your skin.  Any grime will be removed, as will dead skin cells, keeping your hands smooth and reducing any appearance of wrinkles.  A professional pedicure will also exfoliate your skin.  This not only makes your feet more attractive, it also helps you distribute your weight more evenly across your feet, which can reduce leg and back pain after standing for long periods.

Blood Flow

In addition to exfoliating, moisturizers and cuticle treatments are massaged into the skin in a professional manicure and pedicure.  This massage action is not only incredibly relaxing, it also helps to improve blood circulation to your extremities.  This can reduce pain and help your body distribute heat during cold months.

I offer a range of manicure and pedicure services from file and polish to luxury treatments to help you feel completely pampered and relaxed.    If you like to have regular manicures and/or pedicures after your first full treatment you can take advantage of follow up treatments to maintain the condition of your hands feet and nails.  A typical full manicure includes filing and shaping nails, cleansing/conditioning nail soak, cutical conditioning and tidying, exfolation of the hands and lower arms and a full hand and lower arm massage, this is finished off with buffing and applying a nail polish of your choice.  A follow up treatment would include massage and removal and re-application of nail polish and cuticles will also be tidied if required.  The process of pedicure is the same plus the treatment of any hard or dry skin.  For anyone with particularly dry or hard skin I can offer a heated foot or hand mask treatment.

You can find a list of the treatments available and prices